Transparent log of burn events

In accordance with the need for graduated sanctions in any healthy commons[^1], The Commons Stack may destroy some of the non-monetary token, CSTK, which represents reputation in the Trusted Seed. We laid out these conditions:

On the off chance that the Commons Stack Association loses faith in a member of the Trusted Seed, (specifically, if we suspect that their motivation is to extract value from these systems rather than to nurture them,) then graduated sanctions may be applied to the member in question, the most severe of which would be the burning of that person’s CSTK tokens. If it becomes necessary for us to take punitive action against a CSTK holder, the sanction(s) will be carried out with maximum transparency and community consultation.

But in March, we found a different reason to burn CSTK: an accounting error caused a doubling of one person's tokens. This called into question how we can maintain integrity in these scenarios. The result is this burn log. While it's not necessary to initiate a community process over an accounting error, we will document it here for transparency. In the event of future token burns (those warranting more community engagement or not), they will also be logged here.


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