Token Bonding Curve for Commons Fund

  • Model design, simulation, validation (blockscience)

  • Token Bonding Curve Implementation (Pando?)

Detailed Design Narrative

  1. MVP Implementation: A group of humans agree on a general outline of future collaboration and organize a set of actions to achieve the goals of that collaboration.

    1. MVP implementation: Those goals are backed by a continuous funding model that allows funders to bond a reserve currency for community specific tokens which can be used to assign weight to existing research proposals, to propose new research topics

    2. Future implementation: ...or to attest to a claim for funding.

    3. MVP implementation: Researchers and contributors submit grant requests to the DAO to fulfill various ecosystem needs. Requests are ordered based on conviction voting module.

    4. Future implementation: Researchers then work against the stated research goals and publish their findings in a content addressable file system, including addressed references to the research of others that was built upon. This attribution serves as map of research dependencies allowing basic researchers to get credit for contributions even if the primary research goals are more practically oriented.

  2. Future Implementation: Published research is tagged to a specific funding initiative which initiates an attestation process whereby the community decides whether to allocate funds for the work. Don’t stress if your work doesn’t get rewarded on the first try, continue to build on it and attribute your past work and build on the work of others

  3. Future implementation: The rewards system will not simply reward the publishers of the research that the community attested as achieving a research goal but will allocate a share the rewards down the attribution graph to addresses associated with research dependencies.

  4. Future implementation: The rewards system is a part of a broader dynamic resource allocation model that adheres to a token physics that ensures certain properties of the token economy hold over multiple interrelated mechanisms through analogies to energy conservation laws.

  5. MVP Implementation: The rewards system mints the community specific tokens which researchers can use to participate in the community decision making process or cash out to cover real life costs through the withdraw mechanism in the continuous funding curve without breaking the long term incentives of research funders.

  6. MVP Implementation: This research community DAO has multiple layers of network effects that enable growth as the human effort and external capital grow, but it is fundamentally passive in the sense that it defines what one can do, and what the systems level consequences of those actions could be, without imposing strict control on any particular actor.

Appendix 2: Token engineering ‘circuit’ diagram of bonding curve system interactions

Appendix 3: Formalization of initial bonding curve conditions

Appendix: Technical Details and Charts, diagrams

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