How To Donate to Commons Stack - Iteration 0

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Any successful applicant to the Trusted Seed of Commons Stack that makes a donation of 100 DAI or above to Iteration 0 will receive a CSTK Score increase towards their Trusted Seed Membership. Fill out our membership application** if you haven’t already - successful applicants will get an email from us in 1-2 weeks.** And if you already had, you may activate your membership now!

We are dedicated to transparency so we use the Giveth DApp to track our use of the donations for Iteration 0, so you can see exactly where your DAI goes. You can also see the payment of membership dues using our DApp in this dedicated campaign.

We recommend following the path of a successful application to the Trusted Seed and activating your Membership. Alternatively, you can donate to us over Gitcoin Grants or using Giveth directly.

The process for Giveth is relatively simple, first we invite you to send DAI to the Giveth Campaign, then to make a profile on the platform.

To donate to the Commons Stack Iteration 0 Campaign:

  1. Fill out our membership application, if you haven’t already:

  2. Get the DAI you want to contribute: if it’s over 5000 Dai we recommend centralized exchanges like Coinbase and HitBTC or DEXs like, and if under 5000 DAI we recommend You can also use Uniswap for multiple sub 5000 DAI exchanges, just wait 2 minutes after each exchange.

  3. With your web3 browser set to Ethereum Mainnet with the key that has your Dai selected, navigate to

  4. Click the Green “Donate” button to get a donation pop up window, and make it look like the picture below (but with the amount you want to contribute) and then click Donate!

  5. Another pop up will come up, click “Let’s Do It” and then you will have to confirm 2 txs, one tx to unlock (approve) the Dai and one tx to execute the withdraw (it will say it is a 0 ETH tx)…. 1. If you are using a normal browser with metamask, sometimes the pop up doesn’t pop… click that cute little fox with a 1 next to its face to get it to show 2. PLEASE BE PATIENT… the ethereum network can be slow… leave the browser window up and on this tab, walk away from your computer if you have to.

How to make a profile on Giveth

Assuming you have Metamask…

  1. Change your network to Rinkeby - In Metamask its the drop down at the top:

  2. You may get a pop up that says “Insufficient Balance”. Be patient, the Giveth DApp will send you the Rinkeby ETH you need. If you wait a few minutes & refresh the page, it will work.

  3. Put in your name, and optionally your email and a profile picture.

  4. Click “Save profile” and confirm the tx.

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